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CCB Suspends Marijuana Licensing for some Nevada Dispensaries

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With the legalization of marijuana in the state, logistical control and tracking of products are essential steps to ensure that the fears of marijuana legalization objectors dont come true. Concerns such as weed being easily and illegally sold near schools, labor taking hits, and crime rate going up are all things that these tracking efforts are put in place for.

Legal dispensaries ensure that all consumers are registered through the dispensary with fairly thorough ID checks before they are allowed into the same room as the product, which is still behind lock and key—an extra step to prevent possible theft.

Recently, however, the Cannabis Control Board of Nevada has cracked down after investigations into some grow operations of Green Cross of America, Inc. led to the discovery of roughly 100 mature marijuana plants and 300 immature ones.

To keep things in perspective, the grow operations of companies such as Green Cross of America may contain thousands of plants. So a few hundred untagged plants might not sound like much to fuss over. However, this is precisely the kind of activity that the CCB wants to eliminate altogether to keep cannabis use legal and safe.

The CCB and law enforcement can track each and every product sold at a marijuana dispensary to a specific location and specific plant. This builds a network so that all products can be traced back to their original source. For example, suppose the product is found in illicit use by a law enforcement agency. In that case, the product could, in theory, be traced to several points to the source of the problem, whether that be the purchaser, the dispensary, logistical violations, or grow-op misuse.

Since Green Cross of America's violation, several grow operations in Nevada have been audited and investigated. At the same time, the Green Cross of America lost licensing rights for a suspension of 10 days until they corrected the violation.

The CCB will continue to ramp up efforts to ensure that violations like this are not slipping through the crack and allowing for black market use and street sale of marijuana products.

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